We treat our
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Real Estate Law

Each real estate transaction is unique and requires attention to detail. Our firm has a long history of closing transactions and the experience to answer client inquiries. We take the time to explain the steps in each transaction and provide guidance in helping clients navigate one of the biggest investments of their lives.

Our office provides services for the following:
- Residential Purchase and Sale
- Commercial Purchase and Sale
- Institutional and Private Mortgages
- Farm Sale/Tender and Purchase
- Condominium Purchase and Sale
- Commercial Leases
- Easement Creations
- Title Applications

Estate Planning

The advantages of proper estate planning are immense. With a relatively small amount of time and money invested, a well thought out estate plan can save you and your family significant amount of costs, time, and confusion. Estate planning ensures your legacy and family are protected in accordance with your wishes. Wills and Power’s of Attorney are essential documents that create a landscape for where and how your assets and property are to be distributed or maintained upon death or incapacity. Your estate plan also addresses matters such as guardianship or trusts that are consistent with your wishes.

Our firm approaches estate planning with the understanding that each client requires personalized attention and unique planning. We take the time to understand clients goals and wishes in assisting with the best arrangement for each client.

Family Law

Family disputes can present difficult legal issues. Understanding your rights, through informed legal advice, can go a long way in a client finalizing a separation. Tom McGregor has been practicing family law for over 38 years. Tom sees significant value in resolving disputes outside of the court system and has modeled his family law practice on this principle. Separations that are resolved without the assistance of the court preserve relationships and provides alternatives that parties to the separation have control over. Tom is able to provide family law services on an uncontested basis such as:

- Separation Agreements
- Uncontested Divorce
- Marriage Contracts
- Cohabitation Agreements

Corporate & Business Law

Our firm deals with clients through all stages of the business cycle. Whether you are considering starting a new business and require legal advice regarding the initial structure or are looking to sell a business, our firm has the experience and resources to assist clients.

Businesses are constantly faced with changes. Our job is to provide guidance on issues that challenge business owners on a day to day basis.

Commonly, we assist farming businesses with organizational issues, such as incorporation, wealth transfers, purchases, sales, and financing. Our clients have always appreciated our responsiveness and refined legal advice.

We are able to provide the following services: - Incorporations
- Shareholder Agreements
- Contract Review
- Succession Planning
- Business Purchase and Sale (Asset or Share)